Page: Extreme Programming (XP):
  • The Extreme Programming is commonly used agile process model.

  • It uses the concept of object-oriented programming.

  • A developer focuses on the framework activities like planning, design, coding and testing. XP has a set of rules and practices.

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Following are the values for extreme programming:

1. Communication

  • Building software development process needs communication between the developer and the customer.

  • Communication is important for requirement gathering and discussing
    the concept.

2. Simplicity

The simple design is easy to implement in code.

3. Feedback

Feedback guides the development process in the right direction.

4. Courage

In every development process there will always be a pressure situation. The courage or the discipline to deal with it surely makes the task easy.

5. Respect

Agile process should inculcate the habit to respect all team members, other stake holders and customer.

The XP Process

The XP process comprises four framework activities:

1. Planning

  • Planning starts with the requirements gathering which enables XP team to understand the rules for the software.

  • The customer and developer work together for the final requirements

2. Design

  • The XP design follows the 'keep it simple' principle.

  • A simple design always prefers the more difficult representation.

3. Coding

  • The coding is started after the initial design work is over.

  • After the initial design work is done, the team creates a set of unit tests which can test each situation that should be a part of the release.

  • The developer is focused on what must be implemented to pass the test.

  • Two people are assigned to create the code.  It is an important concept in coding activity.

4. Testing

  • Validation testing of the system occurs on a daily basis. It gives the XP team a regular indication of the progress.

  • 'XP acceptance tests' are known as the customer test

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