Explain how A.C. voltage and its frequency is measured using CRO.
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1. The simplest way to measure signal is to set the trigger button to auto that means oscilloscope start to measure the voltage by itself. As any of these two points identified the oscilloscope triggers and measure the range of the voltage signal.

2. Vertical and horizontal controls are adjusted so that the displayed image of the sine wave is clear and stable. now take measurement along the center vertical line which has the smallest divisions. Reading of the voltage signal will be given by vertical control .


1. Increase the vertical sensitivity to get the clear picture of the wave on the screen without chopping any of its amplitude off.

2. Now adjust the sweep rate in such a way that screen displays a more than one but less than two complete cycles of the wave.

3. Now count the number of division of one complete cycle on the gratitude from start to end.

4. Now take horizontal sweep rate and multiply it with the number of units that you counted for a cycle. it will give the period of the wave. the period is the number of seconds each repeating waveforms takes. with the help of period you can simply calculate the frequency in cycles per second(Hertz)

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