Explain step by step procedures of blasting in hard rock. What precautions are required to be taken during transportation and storing of blasting materials?
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Step by step procedures for producing good blast are as follows:

  1. For a given diameter hole, more toe burden can be kicked out by drilling deeper holes.
  2. Burden depends upon the nature of strata and degree of fragmentation required so as to suit available earthmoving equipment.
  3. In a bigger diameter hole, more explosives can be loaded to kick out more burden at increased 'spacing of holes'.
  4. If due to topography of the pit area the burden is more, spacing of holes should be reduced.
  5. As a thumb rule (a) spacing is generally kept equal to burden. (b) depth of hole be not less than twice the burden,(c) burden is kept about 30 times the diameter of holes, and(d) stemming should be about 0.75 times the burden.
  6. Packages or containers of explosives should not be thrown or dropped while loading or unloading.
  7. Explosives and detonators should be stored separately in detached, dry, ventilated and fire resistant magazines, away from other buildings, railroads and highways.

Precautions to be taken during transportation and storing of blasting materials:

  • All laws in this respect should rigidly be followed.

  • Do not leave an explosive in any location.

  • Do not smoke, permit smoking or have any source of fire or flame near the explosives.

  • Do not keep explosives where they are exposed to excessive heat, spark or impact.

  • Do not allow any unauthorized or unrequired person to be present where explosives are handled.

  • Detonators should not be stored with other explosives.

  • Vehicles transporting explosives should be marked with the word 'Explosive'

  • Vehicles transporting it should not be overloaded and should be in perfect working condition.

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