What is the purpose of using the following types of steel in RC members.

i) Lateral tie in column

ii) Main steel and distribution steel in slab.

iii) Stirrups in beams.

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i) Lateral tie in column

The main functions of lateral reinforcements in RC columns are:

  • It prevents longitudinal reinforcement bars from buckling,
  • It resists the shear force and hence contributes avoiding shear failure.
  • It confines the concrete core to provide sufficient ductility or deformability, and
  • It restrains the spliced bars and hence prevents their slip.

ii) Main steel and distribution steel in slab

  • The purpose of providing main bar is to transfer the bending load developed at the bottom of the slab to the beams.
  • Distribution bars are provided to resist the shear stress, cracks developed in the longer span.

iii) Stirrups in beams

Main purpose of using stirrups is given below-

  • It provides shear strength to column because it is found that many column fail in shear at the time of earthquake.
  • It provides confinement to concrete column and increases its compressive strength.
  • It prevents lateral buckling of main reinforcement in column.
  • At the time of concreting it prevent movement of main reinforcement.
  • It improves ductility of column. Improve dowel action of column reinforcement. In beam stirups used for lump sum same purpose as in column.
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