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High-Level Data Control, also known as HDLC, is a bit oriented, switched and non-switched protocol. It is a data link control protocol, and falls within layer 2, the Data Link Layer of the Open Systems Interface (OSI) model.

It has been so widely implemented because it supports both half duplex and full duplex communication lines, point to point(peer to peer) and multi-point networks, and switched or non-switched channels. The procedures outlined in HDLC are designed to permit synchronous, code-transparent data transmission. Other benefits of HDLC are that the control information is always in the same position, and specific bit patterns used for control differ dramatically from those in representing data, which reduces the chance of errors.

It has also led to many subsets. Two subsets widely in use are Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC) and Link Access Procedure-Balanced (LAP-B).

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