Grade of service (GOS) in mobile communication.
1 Answer
  • The Grade of service (GOS) is a measure of ability of mobile subscriber to access a cellular system during the busiest hour.
  • The busy hour is based upon the subscribers demand for the service from the system at the busiest hour during a week,month or year.
  • It is necessary to estimate the maximum required capacity in term of available channels and to allocate the proper number of channels in order to meet the GOS .
  • GOS is typically specified as the probability that a cell is blocked, or the probability of a call experiencing a delay greater then the predefined queuing time.
  • A call which can not be completed at the time of call request made bye a mobile subscriber is referred to as a blocked call or lost call.
  • This may happen due to channel congestion or non-availability of a free channel.
  • In other words, grade of service is a measure of channel congestion which is specified as the probability of a call being blocked or the probability of a call being delayed beyond a specified time.
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