What is a FAST diagram? Construct a FAST diagram for a ball point pen.
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Function Analysis System Technique is associate evolution of the price analysis methodology.

FAST permits of us with dissimilar technical back grounds to effectively communicate and resolve issues that require multi-disciplined considerations.

FAST builds upon Value Analysis by linking the just expressed, verb-noun functions to clarify advanced systems.

FAST is not associate ending or result, but rather a beginning. It describes the item or system below study and causes the team to suppose through the functions that the item or system performs, forming the premise for an honest variety of ensuing approaches and analysis techniques.

FAST contributes significantly to perhaps the foremost necessary section valuable engineering: operate analysis.

FAST might be a creative stimulation to explore innovative avenues for acting functions. It permits multi-disciplined team members to contribute equally and communicate with one another whereas addressing the matter objectively without bias or create by mental act conclusions.

Any perform on the HOW-WHY logic path may be a logic path perform. If the perform on the WHY direction lead into the essential function(s), than they are situated on the key logic path. If the WHY path doesn't lead on to the essential perform, it's a minor logic path.

Changing a perform on the key logic path can alter or destroy the manner the essential perform is performed. Changing a perform on a minor logic path can disturb associate freelance (supporting) perform that enhances the essential perform.

Supporting perform are typically secondary and exist to realize the performance levels laid out in the objectives or specifications of the essential functions or as a result of a specific approach was chosen to implement the essential function(s).

Independent performs describe associate improvement or management of a function situated on the logic path. They don't rely upon another perform or technique elect to perform that perform. Independent functions are situated higher than the logic path function(s), and art thought-about secondary, with regard to the scope, nature, level of the matter, and its logic path.

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