Write Short note on Boot strap Cooling System.
1 Answer

Boot strap Cooling System :-

  • Bootstrap Air Conditioning System utilizes high speed air to reject excess heat energy from the aeroplane cabin. Air is used as working fluid in it. The air is compressed in three stages intermittently while passing through two heat exchangers. It is suitable for applications where air speed is very high i.e. aviation.

  • Bootstrap refrigeration system is not compatible with low speed transportation means. The flow rate of the air must be very high to extract the heat energy. If the air flow speed is not high enough then bootstrap cooling is not effective.

  • The use of air as the refrigerant as well as the means to reject excess heat makes the system convenient and easy to design. The air used as refrigerant is abundantly available in the atmosphere. The system can even bear trivial leaks as it is an open loop system. In open loop system working fluid is refreshed after completion of every cycle.

  • The Bootstrap Refrigeration system is actually the modification of simple aircraft refrigeration. It is a good idea to have a look at simple aircraft refrigeration cycle before understanding Bootstrap system.

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