Prepare and write four test cases for Library Management System of college.
1 Answer
No. Test Case -ID Test case Objec tive Prereq uisite Steps Inp ut data Expect ed Result Act ual Resu lt Re ma rks/ Sta tus
1 TC1 To issue book Book should be available 1.Request for name of the book 2.Mention author name 3.Mention publication 4.Give account no Acco unt no. Book should be issued on the students account Book is issued on the student s account Pass
2 TC-2 To request other books which are unavailable in the stock Name and author of the other books should be known 1.Request for name of the book of out of stock books 2.Mention author name 3.Mention publication NA Book s should be seen in library erp Book is made availab le in erp Pass
3. TC-3 To return book Details of issue of book should be seen 1.Give account no 2.Check for penalty if any 3.Return the book Acco unt no Updation should be done in the library erp Erp is update d Pass
4. TC4 To clear library account of a student No issued books should be in the account 1.Give account no. 2.Check erp for clearance Acco unt no. Account of the student should be clear Accoun t of the student is clear Pass
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