Explain the Test Infrastructure components with diagram.
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Testing requires a robust infrastructure to be planned upfront. This infrastructure is made up of three essential elements.

  1. A test case database (TCDB) (additional): A test case database captures all the relevant information about the test cases in an organization. Some of the entities and the attributes are given in following table
Sr. No. Test Case Purpose Attributes
1 Test case Records all static information about tests. 1)Test case Id 2) Test case name (File name) 3) Test case owner 4) Associated files for test case.
2 Test case product cross reference Provide mapping between the tests and the corresponding product features, enables identification of test cases for given feature. Test case Id Module Id
3 Test case run history Gives the history of when the test case was run and what was result , provided inputs on selection of test for regression runs 1) Test case Id 2) Run date 3) Time taken 4) Run status(Success/ Failure)
4 Test casedefect crossreference Gives details of test cases introduced to test certain specific defects detected in the product, provides inputs on the selection of test for regression runs. 1) Test case Id 2) Defect reference
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