Prepare any eight test cases for admission form of college admission.
1 Answer
Test Case Id Test case Objectives Input Data Expected Result Actual Result Status
TC1 Name field Any name ( abcd xyz) It should accept the name The name is accepted Pass
TC2 Phone Field Any number Having less than 10 digits(1234) It should not Accept. Should give error message “Please enter valid phone number” Error message “Please enter valid phone number” Pass
TC3 Phone Field Any Alphabets (abcde) It should give error message as “Only Numbers” Error message as “Only Numbers” Pass
TC4 SSC Percentage Field 65 It should accept It accepted Pass
TC5 SSC Percentage Field 30 It should not accepted should give error message Gives error message Pass
TC6 Address field Any characters ( A-51, Market road ,Mumbai) It should accept It accepted Pass
TC7 Zip code Any six digit number(4314 01) It should accept the number It accepted Pass
TC8 Required fields should be filled in the form Data in the mandatory fields. If it is filled. Do not display Error Message Pass
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