Question: What are the things that test case specification shall identify?

Subject: Software Testing

Difficulty: Medium

Marks: 4 Marks

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  1. Test cases specify the inputs, predicted results and execution conditions. Each test case should aim to evaluate the operation of a key element or function of the system.
  2. Failure of a test case, depending upon the severity of the failure, would be catalogued as part of the overall evaluation of the suitability of the system for its intended use.
  3. Test cases can start with a specific ‗form‘ that allows operator entry of data into the system. This needs to be mapped, if the architecture is based upon an n-tier solution, through the business logic and rules into the server systems with transactions being evaluated both in a ‗nominal‘ mode where the transaction is a success and for those occasions when the transaction or ‗thread‘ fails.
  4. Test design may also require one or more test cases and one or more test cases may be executed by a test procedure.
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