What is role of Project Manager?
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  • One of the most critical decisions in Project Management is selecting a project Manager or team leader. The Project Manager is usually assigned to the project at the earliest stages of the project.
  • The Project Manger plays many different roles.
  • The Project Manger must play a managerial role that focus on planning, organizing and controlling. For example, he/she is responsible for developing the project plan, organizing the project resources, and then overseeing execution of plan.
  • The project manager must also perform many administrative functions including performance reviews, project tracking and reporting, and other general day-to-day responsibilities.
  • The project manager must know when to stay the project and when to make changes in the project plan by expediting certain activities or acting as a problem solver.
  • The success of project, those not depend on project team, but also on the contributions and support of all project stakeholders as well. To do so project manager as has to make good relationship among the various stakeholders.
  • The project Manager has to play a strong leadership role in every phase of project.
  • To choose a perfect Project Manager we need to see its background, knowledge, skill set and overall strength and weakness. Some attributes of a successful project manager includes.
  • The ability to communicate with people-A project manager must have strong communication skills. A project manager need not be a great motivational speaker, but should have the ability to connect with people and share a common vision.
  • The ability to deal with people- Aside from being a good communicator, a project manager must have the soft skills for dealing with people, their egos, and their agendas. The Project manager must be a good listener, hearing what the people say and understanding what they mean. This skill allows the project manager to get below the surface of issue when people are not being completely honest or open, without being annoying or alienating them.
  • The ability to create and sustain relationships- A good project manager must be able to build bridges instead of walls. Acting as a peacemaker or negotiator among the project sponsor or top management as well as with project team.
  • The ability to organize- A project manager must be good at organizing- developing the project plan, acquiring resources and creating an effective project environment. The project manager must also know and understand both the details and the big picture, which requires with the details of the project plan and also an understanding of how contingencies may impact the plan. This is about role of Project Manager to make project success.
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