Explain surveying the role of cloud computing
1 Answer
  • The term cloud computing implies access to remote computing services offered by third parties via a TCP/IP connection to the public internet.

  • Cloud computing enables small , medium and large businesses to:

  1. Get new products or services to market faster by minimizing time to deploy fixed IT assets, such as servers, switches and routers and by eliminating related incremental capital investment in these assets.

  2. Conduct market tests quickly and constrain losses by failing fast if the market, product or service does not meet expectations.

  3. Defer long term planning until results of initial market tests are known.

  4. Replace capital expenditures for unneeded capacity to accommodate periodic usage splits such as those that occur after announcing seasonal discounts or a new software version, with usage based monthly payments.

    Issues or facts to develop cloud computing

    • Data storage security
    • Data transport security
    • Transparent storage and transport security
    • Authentication & authorization control
    • Single sign-on with other cloud offerings and on premise systems
    • Recommended design patterns & architecture for applications access control.
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