Ethics in project.

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Marks: 7 M

Year: May 2013


Ethics in Project

  • Ethics can be defined as a set of moral principles and values. Ethical dilemmas arise when personal values come in conflict.
  • Ethics are defined as the moral values, beliefs, and rules that one upholds in their life on the job and personally to ensure right from wrong. There are a number of different components of managing a project. While conducting project management, profit and staff motivation are often paramount.
  • However, a project manager must also remember his obligation to be an ethical, responsible employer, employee and corporate citizen. Some of the ethical situations that one may face in the duration of project management could be the admission of wrongdoing, focus of blame, and hard choices regarding contracts.

Common Ethical Dilemmas

  • Human resource situations
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Confidence
  • Corporate resources

Making Sound Ethical Decisions

  • Gather of facts
  • Define ethical issue
  • Identify affected stakeholders
  • Identify consequences
  • Identify obligations
  • Consider your character and integrity
  • Think creatively about potential actions
  • Check your gut

The Role of Ethics in Project Management

  • Recognize key concepts related to business ethics
  • Identify examples of ethical dilemmas in project management
  • Recognize the benefits of managing ethics in your project
  • Identify the aims of the PMI code of ethics and professional conduct
  • Recognize key issues in the development of a code of ethics for project management
  • Match examples to the types of inappropriate behavior they represent
  • Identify the true statements about the PMI process to review ethics complaints
  • Identify the aims of the PMI ethics complaints review process
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