Why is effective and efficient communication vital to a project?

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  • Effective communication clearly expresses the objective that it's intended to do. No matter how long the communication is but if it reaches the targeted audience clearly it is called effective communication. On the other hand efficient communication is one which is short and crisp. Efficient communication is likely to be quick and to the point. But an efficient communication can also be effective. Therefore effective communication gives more importance to the conveying the point to the listeners whereas efficient communication gives importance to the amount of time taken in communication.
  • For any organization the communication is composes of interactions among many elements and it is an ongoing process. The element of communication comprise of following things:

    a) Source of communication-The person who speaks is the source of communication.

    b) Sensory receptor- The ears, eyes and hands are the sensory receptors.

    c) Message Carrier- Message carrier is the instrument used in communication.

    d) Messages- Message is the information.

    e) Receiver- The person who receives the message is called the receiver.

    f) Responses-Responses are the feedback given by the receiver of the message.

  • These elements of communication have a very great impact on individual behaviour in managing organisational behaviour. Because if any of these elements are not clear or vague the communication process will be interrupted. Therefore the elements of communication play a vital role for an efficient communication.

  • Communicating with management at any level must also be effective. A manager must make the decisions that will affect the operations of the business and these decisions are based on gathered information. If the information provided to your manager is honest, complete, and effectively communicated, your manager has a better understanding of the situation and his or her decisions can be more effective.
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