Explain the advantages of compaction.
1 Answer

(i) Compacted soil will be harder to wet and will require a lot of water to destabilize.

(ii) Gravel roads benefits from soil compaction because the firmer soil provides a stable base on
which to rest the small pores.

(iii) A compacted road for concrete or black top roads make the roads last longer.

(iv) Compacting for building a highway helps to make the shape of the road to that it sheds water.

(v) If the soil is not compacted enough, the house will not last as long and can encounter many problems.

(vi) The foundation for buildings are often built only after the less compacted surface layer of soil has been removed and the soil is mechanically compressed.

(vii) Golf courses, baseball parks and lawns all benefit from a certain amount of soil compaction.

(viii) Compacting soil where grass is grown makes it more level and aesthetically pleasing.

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