Explain different types of slope failures with its reason of failure.

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Types Of Slope Failures

1.Rotational failure

Failure occurs by rotation along a slip surface by downward and awkward movement of the soil mass.

2.Translational Failure

  • Occurs in an infinite slope along a long failure surface along the slope.
  • A constant slope of unlimited extent and having uniform soil properties at the same depth below the free surface.
  • Shape of failure plane is affected by presence of hard substartum at the shallow depth.
  • May occur along the slope of stratification.

3. Compound Failure

  • Combination of rotational and translational failure.

  • Hard stratum at considerable depth.

4.Wedge Failure

  • Occurs when distinct blocks and wedges of the soil mass get separated.

  • Occurs in finite slope with layers of two different materials or a homogeneous material with cracks.

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