The details of a cantilever retaining wall are given as below:

Stem: 0.35 m width and 5.4 m height from top to bottom of base slab.

Heel slab: 2.5 m length and 0.35 m depth.

Toe slab: 1.25 m length and 0.35 m depth.

Earth fill is retained above heel slab and ground surface on top is horizontal. Calculate the maximum and minimum pressures under the base if the water table rises behind the wall to the level 3.1 m from the top of wall. The shear strength parameters of soil are C=0, $\phi=32^{\circ}$, $\gamma_{sat}=18 kN/m^{3}$. Unit weight of concrete is 23 kN/m$^{3}$. If wall friction is taken as two third of $\phi$ value on the base of wall, check the stability of all for all conditions.

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