What are the conditions where a pile foundation is more suitable than a shallow foundation?
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Pile Foundations

The only purpose of pile foundation is to give strength to the builiding coming on them.There are different types of piles used in construction industry such as - end bearing piles,friction piles,bored piles.

Pile foundations are generally adopted in the following situations.

  • Pile foundation is needed in areas where the sructures constructed are large and heavy and the soil underlying is weak.
  • Heavy uniform load is coming to the soil from the structure.When a building has very heavy concentrated loads,such as in a high rise structure,bridge or water tank
  • Where raft or grillage foundations are either very costly or cannot be adopted due to local difficulties.
  • When timbering of the excavation trenches is not possible.
  • When it is impossible to maintain the foundation trenches in dry condition by pumping due to heavy inflow of seepage or capillary water.
  • When the underneath soil is waterlogged and compressive.Hard firm strata are situated at a deeper depth.
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