Distinguish between land survey and construction survey
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Let us detail the difference between land survey and construction survey.

Land survey

  • Land surveys are conducted by a professional surveyor who is trained to use specialized tools and methods to determine the legal boundaries of a property.
  • They are commonly requested by people who are about to sell or purchase a piece of land, since they establish the true boundaries of a property.
  • Land surveys are also frequently conducted to resolve boundary disputes between neighbors.
  • The land surveyor's goal is accomplished through a combination of onsite field research and investigation of historical documents – for example, the property’s original deed.

Construction survey

  • A construction survey, on the other hand, is intended to facilitate the development process where the construction surveyors are land surveyors who have additional expertise in site layout and development. With this added experience, a construction surveyor can offer an accurate survey for a wide variety of properties and projects, ranging from bridge construction to subdivision.
  • Construction surveyors are hired by private and public entities that want to develop underground utilities, pipelines and other infrastructure.
  • The most significant difference between construction surveys and land surveys is the intended outcome of the survey.
  • The most important role of a construction surveyor is ensuring that structures are built on solid ground.
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