Enlist the mobile computing devices. OR List four mobile computing devices and state the function of two mobile computing devices.

Subject: Mobile Computing

Difficulty: Medium

Marks: 4 Marks

1 Answer

Mobile computing devices are:

  1. Laptop (notebook computer or notepad)
  2. Mobile phone
  3. Personal Digital Assistant
  4. Pager/Beeper
  5. Sensor and Embedded Controller
  6. GPS Navigation device


1.Laptop ( notebook computer or notepad)- A laptop has an all-in-one design, with a built-in monitor, keyboard, touchpad (which replaces the mouse), and speakers. This means it is fully functional, even when no peripherals are connected.

2.Mobile phone- Sending text messages, Sending/receiving phone calls, Internet browsing, Time ,Calculator For only smart phones, Various social networks , Various Google apps, Mobile banking, Weather, Alternative talk and text apps.

3.Personal Digital Assistant- Short for personal digital assistant, a handheld device that combines computing, telephone/fax, Internet and networking features. A typical PDA can function as a cellular phone, fax sender, Web browser and personal organizer. PDAs may also be referred to as a palmtop, hand-held computer or pocket computer.

4.Pager/Beeper- Unlike mobile phones, most one-way pagers do not display any information about whether a signal is being received or about the strength of the received signal. Since one-way pagers do not contain transmitters, one-way paging networks have no way to track whether a message has been successfully delivered to a pager.

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