Explain Handoff strategies with neat sketch.
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When a mobile moves into a different cell while a conversation is in progress, the MSC automatically transfers the call to a new channel belonging to the new base station. This process of transferring call to a new base station is called as Hand off.


  1. Soft Handoff
  2. Hard handoff
  3. Delayed handoff
  4. Queued handoff
  5. C/I handoff
  6. Mobile assissted handoff

Soft Hand off (Operational Procedure):

  • The handoff from CDMA cell to CDMA cell at the same CDMA frequency is called soft hand off.
  • There is no need to change from one frequency to another frequency but change from one code to another code.
  • The ability to select between the instantaneous received signals from a variety of base stations in a CDMA system is called soft hand off.

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