Explain the techniques for improving coverage and capacity in cellular systems.

Subject: Mobile Computing

Difficulty: Medium

Marks: 4 Marks

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Techniques for improving coverage and capacity of celluar system are:

Cell Splitting:

  • It is the process of subdividing a congested cell into smaller cells,
  • It increase the capacity of cellular system line it increases the number of times channels are reused.
  • By defining new cells which have smaller radius than original cells and by installing by these smaller cells (microcells) between existing cells.

Fig: Cell Splitting

enter image description here

  • Sectoring uses directional antenna to control interference and frequency reuse.
  • A cell is normally partitioned into 3 sectors or 6 sectors.

enter image description here

Coverage zone (Microcell concept):

  • When sectoring is employed, lot if handoff is required due to this load on switching and control link element of the mobile system increases. To solve this, a microcell concept for seven cell reuse is used.
  • Each of three zones sites are connected to single base station.
  • Zones are connected by co-axial fibre optic cable or microwave link to a base station.

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