State four features of GSM. OR List the features of GSM.

Subject: Mobile Computing

Difficulty: Medium

Marks: 4 Marks

1 Answer

The features of GSM are:

1. Call Waiting - Notification of an incoming call while on the handset

2. Call Hold- Put a caller on hold to take another call

3. Call Barring - All calls, outgoing calls, or incoming calls

4. Call Forwarding- Calls can be sent to various numbers defined by the user

5. Multi Party Call Conferencing- Link multiple calls together

6. Calling Line ID - Incoming telephone number displayed

7. Alternate Line Service a.) One for personal calls b.) One for business calls

8. Closed User Group - call by dialing last for numbers

9. Advice of Charge - Tally of actual costs of phone calls

10. Fax & Data - Virtual Office / Professional Office

11. Roaming: services and features can follow customer from market to market.

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