State the procedure for Mobile originated call in GSM.

Subject: Mobile Computing

Difficulty: Medium

Marks: 4 Marks

1 Answer

Mobile Originating Call (MOC): Call setup is initiated by MS

  1. Channel Request: The MS requests for the allocation of a dedicated signaling channel to perform the call setup.
  2. After allocation of a signaling channel the request for MOC call setup, included the TMSI (IMSI) and the last LA1, is forwarded to the VLR
  3. The VLR requests the AC via HLR for Triples (if necessary).
  4. The VLR initiates Authentication, Cipher start, IMEI check (optional) and TMSI Re-allocation (optional).
  5. If all this procedures have been successful, MS sends the Setup information (number of requested subscriber and detailed service description) to the MSC.
  6. The MSC requests the VLR to check from the subscriber data whether the requested service an number can be handled (or if there are restrictions which do not allow further proceeding of the call setup)
  7. If the VLR indicates that the call should be preceded, the MSC commands the BSC to assign a Traffic Channel (i.e. resources for speech data transmission) to the MS
  8. The BSC assigns a Traffic Channel TCH to the MS
  9. The MSC sets up the connection to requested number (called party)

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