Describe channel assignment strategies. OR Describe channel assignment types for wireless systems.

Subject: Mobile Computing

Difficulty: Medium

Marks: 4 Marks

1 Answer

Types of Channel Assignment strategies:

1) Fixed channel assignment

2) Dynamic channel assignment

Fixed channel assignment

  • Each cell is allocated a predetermined set of voice channel
  • Any new call attempt can only be served by the unused channels in the cell.
  • The call will be blocked if all channels in that cell are occupied
  • Borrowing strategy is a type of fixed channel assignment strategy.
  • In this the cell is allowed to borrow channels from neighboring cell if all of its own channels are already occupied.
  • The MSC (Mobile switching center) supervises such borrowing procedures and ensures that borrowing of a channel does not disrupt or interfere with any of the calls in progress in the donor cell

Dynamic channel assignment

  • Channels are not allocated to cells permanently.
  • Mobile Switching center (MSC) allocates channels based on request.
  • Reduce the likelihood of blocking, increase capacity.
  • This requires the MSC to collect real time data on channel occupancy, traffic distribution &Radio Signal strength Indications (RSSI) of all channels on a continuous basis.
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