Compare similarities, differences and unique features of Windows CE and Android mobile operating systems.

Subject: Mobile Computing

Difficulty: Medium

Marks: 6 Marks

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  1. Android is an open source, free, Linux-based operating system for smartphones and tablets. The system was designed and developed by Android Inc., which was funded and later purchased by Google in 2005. Windows Phone is a series of proprietary software developed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation. Windows Phone is a closed-sourced, which means that it is solely developed by the company and protected by copyright.
  2. Windows CE does not support gadgets as many as android does, especially for mobile devices.
  3. Androids are expensive compared to the pure licensed windows CE operating system. Android is more expensive is because it has additional feature and compatibility with many hardware and software application brands.
  4. Androids offer a large range of applications and car stereo radio applications to its users. While windows do not provide special installations and setups for Google chromes, Android does.


  1. Android and Windows CE both support Multiple language support
  2. Android and Windows CE both allows Email services, Web services, Remote Login
  3. Android and Windows CE allows Alternate Keyboards which supports multiple keyboards and makes them easy to install

Unique Features:

Android Mobile OS

1. Near Field Communication (NFC): Most Android devices support NFC, which allows electronic devices to easily interact across short distances.

2. Custom ROMs: Android operating system is open source, developers can tweak the current OS and build their own versions, which users can download and install in place of the stock OS. Some are filled with features, while others change the look and feel of a device. Chances are if there‘s a feature you want, someone has already built a custom ROM for it.

3. Widgets: Apps are versatile, but sometimes you want information at a glance instead of having to open an app and wait for it to load. Android widgets let you display just about any feature you choose, right on the home screen—including weather apps, music widgets, or productivity tools that helpfully remind you of upcoming meetings or approaching deadlines.

4. Custom Home Screens: While it‘s possible to hack certain phones to customize the home screen, Android comes with this capability from the get-go. Download a third-party launcher like Nova, Apex or Slide and you can add gestures, new shortcuts, or even performance enhancements for older-model devices.

Windows CE Mobile OS

  1. Windows CE Mobile runs on an ARMv6 processor and it is 32 bit OS
  2. Windows CE provides Process Management, Thread Management, Memory Management, File Management.
  3. Office: A new iteration of the Office Mobile suite, Office for Windows
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