Describe CDMA 2000 technology.

Subject: Mobile Computing

Difficulty: Medium

Marks: 4 Marks

1 Answer

It is a 3rd generation version of cdma one or IS-95. The cdma 2000 Radio Transmission Technology (RTT) is a spread spectrum, wide band radio interface. It uses CDMA technology. Cdma 2000 meets the specification for ITU & IMT 2000. It addresses the specification for indoor, indoor to outdoor, pedestrian & vehicular environment. Cdma 2000 can operate in wide range of environments viz,

Indoor / Outdoor picocell (<50 m radius)

Indoor / Outdoor microcell (upto 1km radius. E.g shopping mall)

Outdoor macrocell (1-35 km radius)

Outdoor megacell (>35 km radius)

Wireless in Local loop (WILL)

Two types of data services are currently under consideration for cdma 2000. These are packet data and high speed circuit switched data. Packet data will be used for burst traffic like internet of mails. The circuit switched data can be used for delay sensitive real time traffic. Video applications are potential candidates for circuit switch data as they need a dedicated channel for the duration of the call.

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