Justify the statement that silicon based microelectronics is different than micro-fabrication (MEMS fabrication)

Mumbai University > Electronics Engineering > Sem 8 > MEMS Technology

Marks: 5M

1 Answer
1 Contain micro scale devices Contain micro scale devices and tools
2 Electrical parameters only Electrical and mechanical parameter
3 Based on design rules Based on process variation
4 Highly developed technology It is still in developing stage
5 Details of fabrication not needed Details of fabrication needed
6 Designed from standard library Standard library is incomplete
7 Works on single energy domain i.e. electrical domain Works on multiple energy domain such as electrical,mechanical,thermal,chemical etc
8 2-D layout required for CAD 3-D layout required for CAD
9 Easy to interconnect different parts Difficult to interconnect different parts
10 HDL/VHDL software used for designing No such software used
11 Transistor is the basic building blocks Block doesn't have any transistor
12 No moving parts May have moving parts
13 Packaging techniques are well developed Packaging techniques are complex
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