Question: Explain transduction pertaining to capacitive measurement, Piezo-resistive for MEMS. Also state different parameters on which this transduction depend

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  • The capacitive transducer or sensors is nothing but the capacitor with variable capacitance.
  • The capacitive transducer comprises of two parallel metal plates separated by air/ mica.
  • In the instruments using capacitive transducers the value of capacitance changes due to change in the value of input quantity to be measured.
  • This change can be measured easily and calibrated against input quantity

  • Where $ε_0$ is the absolute permittivity, $ε_r$ is the relative permittivity, A is the area between the plates and d is the distance between the plates.

  • It is clear from the above formula that capacitance of capacitive transducer changes with respect to area, distance and dielectric constant.


  • It is the change in material resistance resulting from a change in stress in material.
  • When deciding if piezoresistance can be used as a transduction measurand, for a particular measurand oe has to determine if the sensor can be designed such that the measurand can produce a stress on a portion of the device where piezo-resistor can be located.
  • Examples of measurand are pressure, vibration, acceleration and magnetic field.
  • Piezoresistive transduction depends on change in resistance, strain and temperature.
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