List three silicon compound materials used in MEMS and explain their roles in microsystems.

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Three principal silicon compounds used in MEMS and microsystems.

1.Silicon dioxide [$sio_2$]

2.Silicon carbide [siC]

3.Silicon nitride [$si_3 N_4$]

1. Silicon dioxide [si$o_2$] :

  • It is least expensive material to offer good thermal and electrical insulation.

  • It is used as low cost material for "masks" in micro fabrication processes such as etching, deposition and diffusion.

  • Used as sacrificial material in "surface micro-machining".

2. Silicon Carbide [siC] :

  • Its very high melting point and resistance to chemical reactions make it ideal candidate material for being masks in micro fabrication processes.

3. Silicon nitride [s$i_3$$N_4$]

  • Used as excellent barrier to diffusion to water and ions.

  • Its ultra strong resistance to oxidation and many etchants make it a superior material for masks in deep etching.

  • It is used as high strength electric insulators.

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