Explain linked lists with its various types.
1 Answer
  1. A linked list is a linear collection of data items called as nodes, linked to one another by means of pointers.
  2. Each node is divided into following two parts:
  3. Information of the element.
  4. Address of the next node in the linked list.
  5. Types of linked list:

    There are three types of linked list:

i. Singly linked list: In singly linked list, all nodes are arranged sequentially by linking with a pointer. It has only head part and corresponding references to the next nodes.

ii. Doubly linked list: A doubly linked list is one in which all nodes are linked together by multiple links which help in accessing both the successor (next) and predecessor (previous) node for any arbitrary node within the list.

iii. Circular linked list: A circular linked list is one, which has no beginning and no end. Thus, it is basically a singly linked list by storing the address of the very first node in the linked field of the last node.

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