write short note on TCR & stiffness

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TCR and stiffness :

1) TCR : Temperature coefficient of resistance. - TCR is one of the main used parameter to characterize a resistor. The TCR defines the change in resistance as a function of the ambient temperature. The common way to express the TCR is in $ppm/^oc$, which stands for parts per million per centigrade degree. The temperature coefficient of resistance is calculated as follows:

TCR = $\frac{R_2-R_1}{R_1 (T_2 - T_1)}$ $10^{-6}$

where, $R_1$ = Resistance at room temperature ($\Omega$)

$R_2$ = Resistance at operating temperature ($\Omega$)

$T_1$ = Room temperature (°c)

$T_2$ = Operating temperature (°c)

2. Stiffness :

  • Stiffness is a fundamental qualifier of elastically deformable mechanical microcomponents and micromechanisms whose static, metal or dynamic response need to be evaluated.

  • MEMS mainly move by elastic deformation of their flexible components.

  • One way of characterizing the static response of elastic members is by defining their relevant stiffnesses.

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