Explain packaging challenges in MEMS devices.

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Marks: 5M

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Proper packaging of MEMS and micro-systems products is a critical factor in the overall product development cycle. There are indeed many aspects to be considered in such an endeavor.

Following are the principal design requirements that engineers should consider before embarking on the detailed design analyses:

1) The required costs in manufacturing, assembly, and packaging of the components.

2) The expected environmental effects, such as temperature, humidity and chemical toxicity that the product is designed for

3) Adequate over capacity in the packaging design for mishandling and accidents.

4) Proper choice of materials for the reliability of the package.

5) Achieving minimum electrical feed through and bonds in order to minimize the probability of wire breakage and manufacturing.

Because of the great variety of market demands for MEMS and microsystems, structural geometry, materials and configurations for MEMS and micro systems are far from being standardized.

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