Write short note on Selection of MEMS material based on applications
1 Answer
  • In recent years, enormous progress and commercialization of Microsystems.
  • Associated with these advances is an expansion of the set of materials available to MEMS designers.
  • In addition to the materials traditionally used in silicon microelectronics, it is now possible to introduce and integrate a wide variety of metals and alloys, ceramics and glasses and polymers and elastomers.
  • This capability motivates the following question, given a design concept, how is a designer to choose a material or set of materials to optimize performance and reliability.
  • There are 3 requirements for materials to be used in MEMS.

1) Compatibility with silicon technology.

2) Desirable electromechanical properties.

3) Low values of residual stresses.

  • Materials should be selected for applications based on measurable criteria.

  • It is possible to compare the suitability of materials for a given application according to quantifiable performance metrics based on material properties such as young's modulus, density, strength, etc.

  • Some material properties such as scale, role of manufacturing, microstructures fiber composite allow flexibility are more invariant than others.

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