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Resistive load

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Semiconductor memories

Retained stored info as long as power supply On. Content is lost as soon as supply is removed loses its stored info in a few milli sec even though its power supply is on
Uses conventional flip Flop to store bit 0 or 1 store info in the form of charge on a cap
6 transistor to form A mem cell Low packing density 1 transistor per mem cell high packing density
Faster cheaper


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=> write 1

  • Make WL= 1

  • M3 and M4 =on

  • Force data line to “1” and data to “0”

  • VQ=0 M1÷off and VQ

  • 1 is written (Vq=1)

=> write ‘0’ opreation

  • Force data =0 and data=’1’

=> VQ=0 M2=off and VQ M1 om

=> VQ=0 and VQ=1

=> Read ‘1’ operation

  • Data and data precharged to Vcc

  • WL is activated

  • M3 and M4 =on

  • Vq=1 and Vq=0 i.e. M2= on and M1- off

  • Vq > Vq is read as logic 1

=> Read ‘0’ operation

  • Vq=0 and Vq=1 i.e. M2-off and M1-on

  • Vq<Vq is read as logic ‘0’</p>


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Read operation

  • Prior to lead ops DL is precharged to Vdd/2 now WL is activated

  • If DRAM is storing ‘1’ i.e. the cap data is charged than this charge is shared with dataline capacitor

  • Senseamp senses this charge and generates a valid output data.

When volt at DL increases stored bit is ‘1’ and when volt DL decreases stored bit is ‘0’


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=> write ‘1’ ops

  • Force D=1 & D=0

  • Wriwriline is activated M1- on

  • C1 &C share the charges

  • A &teb write aps wordline is mode ‘0’

=>Read ‘1’ aps

  • Precharge C1 &C2 to logic 1 level

  • activate read line (R) =3 -DN

  • -1 is stored M2= on

  • C2 discharge (M2 & M3)

  • voltage at ‘0’ decreases interpreted ad ‘1’

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