Define jig and fixtures. Describe the following with neat sketches 1) Locators 2) Clamping devices (any two each)


It is a work holding device that holds, supports and locate the work piece and guide the cutting tool a specific operation


Rf is a work holding device that holds, supports and locate the work piece for a specific operation but does not guide the cutting tool.

1) Locators :

For holding the component, the designer should select the proper locators.

Types of locators

a) V – locators

b) Bush locators

c) Pin and button locators

d) Locating pins

e) Diamond pin locators

a) V – locator:

It is a method, generally used to locate circular and semi circular work pieces.

There are two types of v – locators

1] Fixed type

2] Adjustable v - locator

enter image description here

b) Bush locator :

  • Bush locators are used to hold the work pieces like short, spindle etc.

  • Material of bush – hardened steel.

  • Bush locator is mostly used for drilling operation.

enter image description here

2) Clamping devices :

  • Clamping is require to hold or clamp the job against the force acting on it at the time of machining.

  • The clamp should hold the job tightly during operation.

  • The clamp should not damage the job.

Types of clamps :

a) Screw clamp

b) Plate clamp

c) Hinged clamp

d) Swinging clamp

e) Quick action clamp

f) Power clam

a) Screw clamp :

  • Screw clamp is simplest type of clamp.

  • Screw clamp is simple in construction and easy to operate.

enter image description here

b) Plate clamp :

enter image description here

  • Fig shows plate clamp, consist of a simple plate and screw.

  • The plate can be tighten by using spanner, cams or hand operation.

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