Question: Note on chemical machining

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Fig. stages of chemical machining process

• Etching metal can be removed from work piece by using controlled chemical

• Metal can be removed from entire surface or from selected surface.

• If selective surface machining is required, the left unmachined portion should be covered with resistant material called ‘mask ant’

Construction and working:

• In CM process, material removal takes place from the workpiece by controlled dissolution.

• Acids react with metals and form compounds by chemical reaction, these compounds are soluble in water. The chemical reagents called etchant.

• Before CM , the workpiece must be free from dust, oil and foreign particles.

• The cleaning should be done by alkaline solution

• After cleaning mask ant is applied over the surface which is not to be machined. The removed material is converted into metallic salt by chemical reaction.


1) Component produced is purr free

2) Tooling cost is very low.

3) Hard and brittle materials can be machined.

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