Write Short Note On : Private IP address
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IP Addressing:

i. IP is responsible for addressing and routing in the TCP/IP environment.

ii. An IP address is 32-bits in length, grouped into four 8-bit octets and each octet is represented by a decimal number from 0-255.

iii. Four decimal numbers are separated by periods in a format called dotted decimal notation.


Private IP Addresses:

Due to the popularity of TCP/IP and the Internet, we are running out of unique IP addresses, A series of addresses have been reserved for private networks (networks whose hosts can’t be accessed directly through the Internet.)

Reserved addresses :

i. Class A addresses beginning with 10.

ii. Class B addresses from 172.16 to 172.31.

iii. Class C addresses from 192.168.0 to 192.168.255.

The addresses in those ranges can’t be routed across the Internet.

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