inplant control measures to reduce volume of the industrial waste water
1 Answer
  1. In a sugar mill, for example, cooling oil used in roller mills for tandem cooling can be collected in a sump filled with bagasse, solid waste from the same industry.
    1. Bagasse absorbs large quantities of cooling oil which can be later used in boilers.
    2. The overflow from evaporators can be collected in a sump and recycled to clarification section.
    3. Press mud can be used as a soil conditioner and should not be allowed into drains.
    4. Proper storage of molasses is very important.
    5. Molasses spills have high BOD and COD.
    6. Chemical and process water recycling will result in less effluent flow and less discharge of pollutants.
    7. In a pulp and paper mill, leakages and spillage of black liquor can be collected in a sump and pumped to soda recovery section.
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