MEMS sensors in IOT applications
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a) MEMS sensors in IOT applications

  • MEMS sensors allow equipment together and digitize real world data that then can be shared on the internet.

  • The IOT represents a major new growth opportunity for the MEMS market.

  • Accelerometer and pressure sensors account for most of the MEMS shipments for direct industrial ITP applications in areas including building IOT applications in areas including building automation, agriculture and medical.

  • MEMS timing devices in smart meters and microphones used in smart phones and smart cities will be next in terms of volume.

  • The information collected by sensors can be used for services that benefit and simplify people‚Äôs lives or it can be used for data mining and other use cases that raise with sensor fusion and REC technologies even more capabilities can be added to the mix.

  • Just as the internet phenomenon happened not so long ago and caught like a wildfire, the IOT will touch every aspect of lives with sensor fusion having been used for this phenomenon.

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