Compare Traditional Software Testing and Web based software testing.

Mumbai University > Information Technology > Sem 8 > Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Marks: 5 Marks

Difficulty : Medium

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Web systems are based on client server architecture wherein a client typically enables users to communicate with server.

  • Client of traditional client server system are platform specific but web client is operating within web browsers environment. Web browsers already consists of operating system specific client software running on client computer.

In making, these software components various browsers and their

  • Web based system have more dynamic environment as compare to client server system. In client server system, the role of client and servers and their interactions are predefined and static as compared to web applications where client side programs and contents may be generated dynamically. The environment for web application is not predefined and it changes dynamically i.e. hardware, s/w, are changing, configuration changing etc.

Web applications often affected by these factors that may cause incompatibility and interoperability issues.

  • In traditional client server systems normal flow of control is not affected by user.

  • But in web applications user can break the normal control flow.

For example :

User can press back or refresh button in web browsers.

  • Due to dynamic environment web system demands more frequent maintenance.

  • The user profile for web systems is very diverse as compared to client systems. Therefore, the load on web access sue to this diversity is not predictable.

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