Water is flowing from a hose attached to water main at 400 kPa(guage). A child places a thumb to cover most of the hose outlet, causing a thin jet of high speed water to emerge.

If the hose is held vertical upward, what is maximum height that jet could achieve. Assume flow is steady, incompressible and laminar.

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Data:- $P_1=400kPa=400\times 10^3N/m^2$

To find:- $z_2-z_1=?$


enter image description here

Here, outlet of hose is (1) and max height achieved by jet is (2)

Applying Bernoulis equation between (1) and (2)

$\frac{P_1}{\rho g}+\frac{v_1^2}{2g}+z_1=\frac{P_2}{\rho g}+\frac{v_2^2}{2g}+z_2+h_L$

$P_2=$atm pressure, $v_2=0$, $h_L=0\text{..........Neglecting loses}$

$\therefore z_2-z_1=\frac{P_1}{\rho g}$

$=\frac{400\times 10^3}{1000\times 9.81}$


$\therefore$ Max height achieved by the jet=40.77 m

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