Question: What are three levels processing and seven stages of Action ? How they are interrelated to each other?

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Three Level of processing.

1. Visceral level.

  • The most immediate level of processing.

  • Here the human reacts to audio, visual and other aspects of a product before experiencing it.

  • The look and feel of the product dominates the user in this level.

  • Visceral design often corresponds to creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

2] Behavioral level.

  • The middle level of processing.

  • The emotional brain takes control of the decision making.

  • We react to the products at a deeper level than that of visceral.

  • This level manages simple, everyday actions. here functionality of the product takes prime importance.

  • In behavioral design, semantics and usability practices are primarily addressed.

3] Reflective level.

  • The last level of processing.

  • A careful analysis and reflection of all the incidents or experiences is made. the meaning of an experience is stored in our brain.

  • Reflective design can tell us about customers inclination towards various ranges of products.

Seven stages of actions

  1. Goal : The reflective level has analysed situation and realizes from post experiences.

  2. Plan : In this reflective layer gathers from past experiences.

  3. Specify : In this behavioral layer has its likes and dislikes. it takes responsibility of choosing perfect aPtion.

  4. Perform : The visceral layer looks for physical activities like choosing specific things.

  5. Perceive : In this the visceral layer takes care of various audio and visual aspects.

  6. Reflect : In this behavioral level reacts to their perceptions with an emotion, we reflect ourselves with particular aspect emotionally.

  7. Compare : In this, the reflective level gives a meet to the entire experience, by comparing it with the goals.

Interrelation of level of processing and stages of action:

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  • At the reflective level, a need is identified which becomes our goal,

  • Analyzing our past experiences a future requirements, we make a plan to achieve this goal, then based on our mood, likes and dislikes we choose a method to execute that plan.

  • The behavioral level is responsible for this action.

  • Most of the time our decisions are affected by our emotions.

  • This level has the strongest influence over the human being.

  • At the visceral level, we actually perform specific method.

  • All the physical aspects of performing the tasks are considered.

  • Our sense of vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste are used to perceive the action being performed.

  • These perceptions are then interpreted and given a meaning by the behavioral level again.

  • Finally, the reflective level analyses our experiences and compare it with the initial goal.

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