Question: Explain six behaviroal patterns in detail.

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Six behaviroal patterns

1] We focus on our goals and pay little attention to our tools.

2] We are external aids to keep track of what we are doing. most of use an expense manager to note our expenses.

3] We follow information "scent" towards our goal.

when you are trying to book a ticket for a movie, show keywords such as "choose seats" or "make payment" will catch your attention. the rest of the advertisements and offers spread over screen will be of little interest to you at that time.

4] We prefer familiar paths, as the saying goes "all roads lead to some" that may be more than one route to your destination, but when you are in hurry, you will always take the most familiar route, even when you know that it is not the shortest route.

5] Our thought cycle : Goal, execute and evaluate. The seven stages of actions are explained which will form goal. Then execute it by planning, specifying and performing, then we evaluate the action by perceiving, reflecting and comparing it with the goal.

6] After we achieve a task goal, we often forget clean up steps. The goal execute evaluate cycle mostly works with the short term memory because this is the current action in hand and on our full attention is focused on it.

You may often notice people forget to :

a] Take their keys off the door after opening it.

b] Switch off the lights before leaving home.

c] Return the strangers pen after signing.

d] Logout of their inbox before leaving cafe.

e] Close quotation masks at the end of the quote.

f] Close the container after use.

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