Short Note on: Characteristics of Modern operating system.

Mumbai University > Information Technology > Sem5 > Operating System

Marks: 5M

Year: Dec14

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  • Microkernel architecture:

    • Assigns only a few essential functions to the kernel, including address spaces, interprocess communication, and basic scheduling.
  • Multithreading:

    • The process is divided into threads that can run simultaneously.
  • Thread:

    • Thread is a dispatchable unit of work.

    • It includes a processor context program counter and stack pointer and its own data storage for the stack. It executes sequentially and is interruptable.

  • Process:

    • Collection of one or more threads and associated system resources are known as processes.
  • Symmetric multiprocessing:

    • Standalone computer with multiple processors that share the same memory and I/O facilities connected by a communication bus.

    • All processors can perform the same functions.

  • Distributed operating systems:

    • Provide the illusion of a single main memory and single secondary memory space.

    • It is also used for distributed file system.

  • Object-oriented design:

    • It is used for adding modular extensions to a small kernel.

    • It also enables programmers to customize an operating system without disrupting system integrity.

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