Views in SQL
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Views in SQL : A view is nothing more than SQL statement that is stored in the database with an associate name.

  • A view is actually a composition of a table in the form of a predefined SQL query.

  • A view can be contain all rows of a table or selected rows from a table.

  • A view may be created from or more tables.

Creating view.

Syntax :

create view viewname as

{SQL select query}


consider a customer table as.

cust (id, name, email, city, state, phone)

create view cust_info as.

select id, name, email,

from cust.

This will show only little information about customer.

we can execute normal query OD view to view data.

eg. select * from cust_info

Uses of view :

  • Hiding some information from user.

  • Predefined queries to make writing other queries simple.

Implementation of view :

Views are implemented as temporary tables in database.

Updating a view :

As views are stored as temporary relations we can do insertion, deletion and updation.

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