Page: Design and Implementation issues in Cloud OS

Design Level Issues

In this level of research, the key issues in creating an open architecture and in the development of heterogeneous platforms.

1. Architectural Issues

It is necessary to construct a CC architecture with the important features such as unification, scalability and re-usability. But the development of such architecture may face additional challenges because of the developing technologies day by day and industry practices.

2. Platform Related Issues

Number of platforms have made as outcome of the increased demand in COS. Some people have addressed issues related to heterogeneous platforms. Eucalyptus is an open source software framework for CC proposed by Daniel et al. It implements IaaS in order to support infrastructure development. The framework is specifically designed to motivate CC research.

Implementation Level Issues

Under the implementation level, several business and technical issues in CC are discussed. The business issues are further divided into financial and reliability and security and performance issues are deal under technical branch. The business market has been established around CC is growing rapidly to fulfill the users demands in the near future. From the business perspective, the financial issues and the reliability concerns of the cloud providers are to be addressed.

Business Related issues

Energy efficiency and demand response play a vital role in meeting future energy needs. Since the approach aims at providing a globally concentrated effort to reduce energy consumption and uphold sustainability, certainly the contributions will be well recognized in the future.

Technical Issues

In the cloud environment, there are several technical issues to be solved. CC has to effectively manage the security aspects of the cloud applications. Security consciousness and concerns arise as soon as one begins to run applications beyond the designated firewall and move closer towards the public domains. The aim is to highlight the security concerns that should be properly addressed and managed to realize the full potential of CC.

Delivery Models

Efficient and appropriate delivery architecture models required to be implemented for different applications

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