Draw the block diagram of analog and digital communication system and explain each block in it in brief.

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I/P msg : It is the desired msg or information to be transmitted.

I/P Xducer : It is used to convert i/p source from any form to electrical quantities example : micro phone.

s/g conditioning : These units are used to condition the s/g. Example : amplifier, filter, etc.

Electronic Xmitter : It is used to transmit the s/g or couple the s/g to the channel.

CN Channel : It is used to propagate information from source to destination.

CN Channel : It can be broadly classified into wired and wireless cn.

Electronic Rvr: It decouples the info. s/g to the recover system.

o/p msg : It is information or message s/g received back.

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Info source & I/P Xducer : It is the desired info to be transmitted in digital format. sampling is to be performed.

Source Encoder : It is used to perform encoding of the data, it removes redundancy from the data. Example: Huffman coding.

Channel Encoder : It is used to make s/g compatible to travel on CN Channel.

Digital modulator & demodulator : They assured for digital systems to modulate & demodulate digital data.

Channel Decider : It is used to remove the redundancy added during channel encoding.

Source Decoder: It is used to reconstruct data by adding redundancy back.

Noise: It is an unwanted electrical phenomena that affects the s/g.

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